Fuel saving

Fuel saving

Fuel saving

1 liter of fuel out of 5, or 1 full tank of fuel out of 5 is consumed for passenger car tires: this is rolling resistance.

Rolling resistance

This tire performance is essential, as an analysis of its life cycle shows that over 92.6% of the environmental impact stems from tire use. Fuel consumption due to tires therefore has a significant effect on CO2 emissions. In the case of a diesel car, 1 liter of diesel is equivalent to 2.66 kg of CO2.

What exactly is rolling resistance?

How can it be explained?

A number of avenues are being explored to curb this loss of energy:

Shell Eco-marathon partnership

More than 100 years, Michelin has innovated to improve the energy efficiency of the tire. On this basis, he is a partner of the Shell Eco-marathon, a race which consists in going through the biggest distance possible while usingthe less energy possible. Michelin contributes to this partnership by proposing the most energy efficient tire in the world.

Shell Eco-marathon

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